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I got banned.

Just started my computer, was gonna play some BF and then it came up a sign telling me that i got banned For Being Disrespectful. I know i said some really bad things to some people, and i regret it, i really do.. It's a chill and a good server. I regret i said anything and i'm Really Sorry..

I just wanna get back in so i can learn to fly a Jet.

(I don't know if i putted this thread right..)

So, if there's any admin online, please write back.



Thx for taking your time to come here for an unban request!

Atm i don´t know which of the senior admins banned you but rest assured as soon as the admin in question sees this thread you will get a reply!

Unfortunately there is nothing more that i can do for you atm though, sorry!

It was me that banned you and in this instance I am prepared to lift the ban, on the conditions that you are aware that the language tone is not welcome in SASS servers. I could sense some frustration in the chat log but there is no need to swear.
One other point is regarding your kill ratio. On the max rank 60 we have an automatic kick when a person gets a high kdr or a lot of kills per round. You activated this last night
[20:31:59] Server > RazerAki was kicked for: AUTOMATED: This server is for noob players, not noob farmers.
Please bear this in mind when playing on the max rank server, either watch the kdr or consider that you may be too good a player to be on a capped server. Think how it would feel to be on the receiving end, not being owned is the reason we have this server in place, and you already know what a nice server it is.
Please take this as constructive advise and enjoy your time.
Ban unlifted.
Thank you for replying, both of you. Well, i'm mostly there to learn how to fly a jet. And there is sometimes fly maps.

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