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[SASS] Community information
I'm Cheyenne Brave and this is a little about me and the [SASS] community.

I started [SASS] gaming community and Im the site admin. I decided to start up [SASS] after being in 2 clans before, 1 from the USA and 1 UK based. But they were not what I was looking for so I thought I would start my own community and things have gone from there.

I had been in an American clan for 2 years but then problems started to come out of the wood work, my computer was old and at the time I was playing BF2142. People were moving on to newer games but my system was not fast enough to run them so stopped gaming for a while and with other reasons I left the clan.

The American clan there was a lot of back stabbing and rumours that the clan leader was taking money from the donations for himself, there for the I will be posting the Bills and Payments sent out on the forums for members to see, also will be a balance after the server bills have been paid so that members will see what money has been donated and where it has been used. Admins will have access to the PayPal account to check the balance of the account.

After building a new gaming computer I found the UK clan, but they had a rule of 18+ which would not have allowed my son to play with the same tags as me, also when BFBC2 came out a lot of the members played for a while but found the bugs to much and started playing other games. I only have a few and enjoyed playing BFBC2.
While letting my son play I cam upon a server for NOOBS and after contacting the owner he said that he did not think about setting up a community web site. We spoke about making one up together and having 2 NOOB servers running, but after an email saying that his work load had increased he was finding it hard to run his own server not less a web site, so the idea was born to start a community for all players, young or old newbies or experienced players to come and have fun.

I started to rent a 16 player server thats now known as the [SASS] NOOB Noob noob server we play on. Having decided it was a noob server I set the Max level of 23 as in the game BFBC2 this is the last rank you receive weapons, and by this time you should know that game and how to play.

Then I started up a simple home page so that I could try and get members to join, but the site was not looking great, looking around for themes and items for the home page I found the one we are currently using and brought it, with help from Snype a NUKE PHP guru and I guess my web master we have set the [SASS] home page up.

After a Blackhole Exploit attack on we were forced to start completely from scratch with this new, up to date website that you are browsing right now, build by samwel762 and 2ndsky.

This community will work on donations from members myself included, if you would like to donate to the community then please use the donation box on the main page.

Last but not least I will thank you for coming to look at [SASS] Community and if you have any questions then please PM me or send me an email


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