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Aaaaalright guys, after our initial test yesterday and the understandment of "serious gameplay" after a rough start we are now able to run ZEUS missions on our ARMA server.

Zeus is a mission module unlike any other, allowing a gamemaster to create missions and adaptive situations "on the fly".

The first official ZEUS mission will go down tomorrow, Friday 12th at 7 pm GMT and the main mission will last for around 1 hour, with additioniol missions prepared if neccessary!

All I´m gonna say is: Mogadishu was a walk in the park ^^

Please keep in mind that these missions require a certain amount of thoughtful and serious gameplay, otherwise its just gonna end up with a failed mission and no fun at all after around 4 minutes (@Masta, @The_Yorkshireman and @Snake might be able to aknowledge that lol)

just search for [SASS] Zeus Operationsin the server browser, password is "sass"

Please reply in this thread when you are sure to participate, 13 Spots are available
I'll be there!

Friday 19th is next week btw. I realized I can't tomorrow since I'm working until midnight...

sorry! edited to the 12th
I'm down, also don't know what you mean :p

Ohh I hope I will be able to download Arma 3 until then.. If it works I'm in.

Arma 3 is downloaded but don't know if I will be home at that time. Have to buy a new chair and somebody wanted to do something with me forgot who and what xD

New possibility for [SASS] ZEUS Mission

on Saturday, 24th

We are gonna hold another night of ZEUS missions for our members, 13 slots are available, the missions will include, but are not limited to:
  • Retrieve prototype vehicle
  • Hostage rescue
  • Large scale armor base assault

time to start will be 8 pm UK

Be there or be square!

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