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Form Submission: Application to join =SASS=
Your in-game soldier name: thatguyiknew93
Additional in-game names: Not answered
Your real name: Guy
Your age group: 18-21
Country: United Kingdom
Who invited you to join =SASS=: Server Message
Do you have a microphone or are you in the process of getting one?: Yes
Have you used Teamspeak 3 before?: No
Games you play: Battlefield 3,Battlefield BC2,Counter Strike Series,Minecraft
Other games: Not answered
Why do you want to join =SASS=: I enjoy the servers which I have been playing on for quite a while and I would like to game with like minded individuals

Hello Guy and welcome to =SASS=! We appreciate your interest in our clan.

Now that your application has been processed, feel free to change your tags to "sass" (lower case) in Battlefield 3 and/or 4. These are recruit tags while you are in basic training.

Requirements to be accepted:
Please take a moment to read through our membership requirements. Completion of these will help earn you full membership tags and a place in the community.

• Be friendly and active
Both in game and out.

• Spend time on our TeamSpeak server
The more you are seen getting involved the more likely you are to be readily accepted.
If you are new to TeamSpeak 3 you can learn how to use it HERE.
For team speak veterans our server IP is:

• Make yourself (positively) known
If you are seen to be making a nuisance of yourself and not representing the clan well don't expect to be accepted.

• Visit the forum regularly
If you need some inspiration of where to start on the forums try our "INTRODUCE YOURSELF", and/or "GALLERY" threads.

• Read the clan rules
A full list of rules and guidelines can be found HERE.

What happens next?
After a trial period of 21 days our current members will vote on accepting you into the community or not. The votes will be based on your activity and how friendly you are. Our Recruitment Officer Chief_Commandeur will inform you about the start and the outcome of the vote via PM!

Our community is maintained entirely by donations from the members, so if you can donate even a small amount it is a real help! All donation funds go directly back into the community paying for our servers and web space, not a penny goes into our pockets. Please use the donation button on the right of the homepage if you can help.
You can also get reserved slots for our game servers - please see THIS POST.
Remember, donations are appreciated, never required.

You can also visit our FACEBOOK page to keep up to date with us!

If you have any questions you can PM a senior admin:
Cheyenne Brave
Chief_Commandeur or

Again welcome to the community and we hope to see you on the battlefield soon!


The =SASS= Team

welcome welcommmmeeee!

Hope to see you on ts soon Wink

If you dont know how it works, follow this nice little tutorial Wink
Hey Guy welcome to =SASS= hope you enjoy your time with us. Speak with you on TS soon Smile


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