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Trial Members
1. Please show respect to all players.
2. If you are not active during your trial, your application will be rejected after the trial period.
3. The members will vote on whether or not you will be accepted as a member. Denied applicants may be invited to re-apply after a period of time.

Rules in the forums
1. No offensive material - this includes racism, discrimination, political ideology, offensive images, spam etc.
2. Respect the other members - please no arguments, keep things friendly.
3. The admins have the right remove any offensive posts and will deal with complaints severely.

Rules on Discord
1. No offensive material - this is the same as with regards to the forum.
2. Do not spam the server with chat messages.

Rules on our game servers
1. Members are NOT allowed on the rank cap servers overrank*. Overrank Admins must keep KD under 2.0
2. Baserape or jetraping is not allowed.
3. Teamkilling for vehicles is not allowed.
5. Admins: warn before kicking/banning unless you have good reason. Eg. hacking/racism is an instant ban.
6. Statspadding is not allowed and will result in your membership in the community being revoked.

For a full list of the server rules check here

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