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Form Submission: Application to join [SASS]
Your in-game soldier name: Supra
Additional in-game names: EpicMushrooms
Your real name: Curtis
Your age group: 18-21
Country: United Kingdom
Who invited you to join [SASS]: EVERYONE
Do you have a microphone or are you in the process of getting one?: Yes
Have you used DISCORD before?: Yes
Games you play: Battlefield 2,Counter Strike Series,Minecraft,Ark: Survival Evolved
Other games: World of Warcraft, Rust, DOTA, Smite, Golf with your friends, Garry's Mod, ETC IM A FUN GUY OKAY
Why do you want to join [SASS]: I honestly don't know? I guess it's kinda fun but Gecko is mean and Dav should be banned. Part from that it's solid 10/10 from IGN

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Form Submission: Application to join [SASS] - by Curtis - May 13th 2017, 08:33 PM

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