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MINECRAFT SERVER (SNAPSHOT 16W39A) - 2ndsky - Jul 2nd 2014

In perfect syncronisation with the 4th Birthday of =SASS= we´d like to announce that as of now the community has a minecraft server again!

Below are the Details:


Vanilla (current version: Snapshot 15w49b)

The Server is Whitelist only for Clanmembers and close clan friends so please:

Put your minecraft name in this Thread if you wanna get on the Whitelist!!

Use common sense, unsure about anything: ASK!
Give everybody his space Wink

Happy Building guys!

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - The_Yorkshireman - Jul 2nd 2014

EpicMushrooms, My bro may want to go in from time to time ( I use the account too)

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - MacBasB96 - Jul 3rd 2014

Nice MC server my name is BushMen2 Big Grin

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - BlueFire - Jul 3rd 2014

My name is BlueFire but my version is cracked so am I allowed to join, too? ^^

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - MacBasB96 - Jul 4th 2014

i cant join the server. it is still 1.7.2, never mind i am in! Big Grin only there is no spawn house or anything

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - Sam - Jul 4th 2014

no that is right, just a tower and a nether portal at the moment at spawn, then sky, chief and I have the beginnings of houses on the hills around the spawn area Smile
When we say its new we really mean it Tongue

Also i don't think cracked versions will work blue unfortunately

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - Chief_Commandeur - Jul 4th 2014

(Jul 4th 2014, 10:32 AM)samwel762 Wrote: then sky, chief and 2ndsky have beginnings of houses..

sky cloned himself? excellent news! Tongue

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - Sam - Jul 4th 2014

haha oops i changed what order i was going to put the names mid sentence, though 2 skys would be so efficient :L

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - BlueFire - Jul 4th 2014

samwel762, ok I´ll try it Smile

RE: NEW MINECRAFT SERVER - 8BitBruce - Jul 4th 2014

8_bit_bruce .... I suck at building though Sad