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Welcome! This page is gonna explain a little bit more about our DISCORD voice server!
It's time to ditch Skype and Teamspeak.

Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone. Using it is very easy and doesn't even need any installation on your machine due to its brilliant webinterface!

We do however suggest you download the desktop app and create a permanent account.

Communication with each other as a team is essential in having a great teamplay and be able to bond as a team!

 If you can’t talk or have a bad microphone, then just come on DISCORD and have a text banter while listening to us!

The DISCORD desktop app can be found » HERE


If you are already set up and know everything about it, you can connect directly to DISCORD by clicking on the button below.

Make sure that your nickname is set to your liking!


If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please respect a few simple rules on our DISCORD server:

  • Respect others and be mature.
  • Avoid using excessive profanity.
  • Don’t impersonate others.
  • Don’t broadcast music, static, or background noise.
  • Don’t record other users without their consent.

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