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Welcome to SASS-HQ
Home of the Saturday and Sunday Soldiers

Jan 2nd 2017


The Saturday and Sunday Soldiers would like to wish all their members, friends, staff and their families a happy new year 2017 and a massive thank you for the fun and banter in 2016!

Off to a new year, see you all on the battlefield!

Saturday and Sunday Soldiers

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Dec 1st 2016


DICE and Electronic Arts announce the addition of a brand new multiplayer mode to the World War I shooter Battlefield 1 for the video game’s Scout and Medic classes.

Considering the fact that Battlefield 1 ended up becoming the best-selling game for October 2016, it’s safe to say that there are still plenty of players taking on one another in the game’s various multiplayer domains. With this being the case, the title’s developer DICE and its...[…]

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I was playing on a bfbc2 server and this guy asked if I wanted to join his clan. I found out I was the second person to join and the community was built from there, had some fantastic times since then and have made new friends and plenty of memories to remind me of how good it is to be a part of this group.
After my last community I was involved in, I said to myself I would never join a clan again, everyone was separated and didn't really talk to each other. Come 2 years later, I was invited to join SASS by Dav and ever since then, it's been home. The members of the community were and still are a warm and welcoming bunch. Really changed my opinion on communities for the better!
I was tricked to join the clan Teamspeak and agreed on jumping in just for fun, not to actually join the clan. I then found out how welcoming and friendly the clan is and felt like there were no other option than to apply. I've never had so much fun playing with a clan and hanging out on Teamspeak since I joined SASS.
I joined to join the Minecraft server ;P Nah, I joined because I was on the Teamspeak for a while and in the time that I was talking to a bunch of you guys, I thought, hey why not join? And I do not regret it at all and am looking forward to getting to know everyone better
I joined because I was playing Bad Company 2 all on my lonesome and wanted to join in with other people and have banter with. Since joining SASS I've made many new friends and have been enjoying myself ever since because it is a warm and welcoming place full of great people. I look forward to many more years to see what we can achieve!
"I thought I was joining Special Air Service with an extra S at the end. Boy, I was wrong!"
Since joining [SASS] I have had the most fun meeting new people, having fun with friends(new and old) it is really great being part of a fun and interactive community. Always having something to chat about and playing games together that we all enjoy, laughing and joking together, it has been an incredible experience seeing the community grow since when I joined, looking forward to having lots more good memories and making new friends!
I joined [SASS] because i started playing Bad Company 2 on the SASS servers and got chatting to some of the members over time and was directed to the forums and ts. Never before had i played with a friendlier bunch of people and thought it would be great to join. Now some years later i have made lots of new friends and am part of an awesome community that is growing stronger every day. SASS is my home and i could not imagine being anywhere else i love it here!
When I first started playing Bad Company 2 I felt lost. It was my first entry into online MP, so I didn't have any friends playing the game. I was playing against these two players, who were really good and I got frustrated. Istead of ragequitting, I for some reason stuck around. They then invited me into their clan: =SASS=. Those two players? Founder and co-founder Cheyenne Brave and dreamwarrioruk. I haven't looked back since and I wouldn't change a damn thing.
I found out about SASS by playing on the BF3 server. Since I wanted to play this game with friends I decided to join SASS. Best decision I made in my life. Never had so much fun playing random games or talking about random topics. Also you always have someone to talk to in every topic like in a family because that's what we are.

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